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For over a decade, Technology Business Group (TBG) has provided quality trainers to companies and organizations including VMware Education services, EMC Education Services, VCE, Raytheon, and RSA Security, to name a few.  In that time, many of those organizations have faced the challenges of growth and change, and with those challenges, TBG has provided quality instructors and administrative support that distinguishes our company from other vendors.

Our mission statement is simple, and powerful in its simplicity.  We provide superlative, experienced trainers to deliver outstanding, effective classes for our customers, with quick responsiveness to "surprise" needs and with whatever flexibility is required to get the job done to the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Any organization can pen a long sentence like that; we live it! The two key elements in our business practice that drive this success are our team of trainers and our team of managers.

Team TBG: Trainers
Our trainers possess a wealth of real-world experience.  Industry certifications may suggest expertise, and our trainers do indeed possess many certifications.  But certification is only one barometer of expertise; our trainers have the essential real-world skills in IT to make their classes relevant to customers.  They have served as consultants, developers, IT managers, business analysts, technical authors and courseware developers.

Team TBG:  Our Management
While our trainers are very visible to our clients, the TBG management team works closely with our customers before, during and after an engagement to ensure the success of each trainer in each class delivery.



TBG is an independently owned and operated intermediary that connects corporations and other entities in need of sophisticated training and/or
development services on a worldwide basis, with independent providers of high end computer software related training and/or development.

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