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Class length: 1 day

This course teaches students about planning, participating in, and concluding successful
meetings. Students learn how to establish the purpose and agenda of a meeting, facilitate
participants' progress toward the meeting goals, improve their leadership abilities, facilitate
situation analysis, brainstorming, and decision making, foster creative thinking, manage conflict
among meeting participants. Course activities also cover building a positive climate during a
meeting and following best practices of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Class Outline
Unit 1: Fundamentals of conducting meetings
Topic A: The purpose of meetings
Topic B: Planning meetings
Topic C: Participating in meetings
Topic D: Closing meetings
Unit 2: Managing meetings
Topic A: The role of leaders
Topic B: Decisions and ideas
Topic C: Eliminating groupthink
Unit 3: Conflicts, climates, and difficult personalities
Topic A: Resolving conflicts
Topic B: Meeting climates
Unit 4: Communicating as meeting leaders
Topic A: Communicating clearly
Topic B: Using effective language
Unit 5: Listening effectively and asking questions
Topic A: Improving listening skills
Topic B: Asking effective questions
Unit 6: Communicating nonverbally
Topic A: Nonverbal communication
Topic B: Interpreting nonverbal communication



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