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Class Length: 1 day

This course teaches students about creative thinking in the workplace. Students will develop
creative thinking skills, mentally and physically prepare for creativity, incorporate innocence,
intuition, and adventure into creative thinking, and use creativity to generate ideas and solve
problems. The course describes exercises that can be used to prepare the mind and body for
creative thinking and explains the most common ways creativity is incorporated into problem
solving. Course activities also examine recruiting and retaining creative individuals, performing
a creativity audit, communicating with creative people, defining creative rhythm, and exploring
ways to implement a creative culture. Students also learn how to organize creative teams,
conduct effective team sessions, avoid roadblocks to team creativity, increase creativity in a
team, and use the creative problem-solving process..

Class Outline
Unit 1: Creative thinking basics
Topic A: Creative thinking
Topic B: The creative process
Unit 2: Personal creativity
Topic A: Preparing to be creative
Topic B: Increasing creativity
Unit 3: Creativity in organizations
Topic A: Creative organizations
Topic B: Using creativity
Unit 4: Fostering a creative environment
Topic A: Employing creative individuals
Topic B: Maintaining a creative environment
Unit 5: Promoting team creativity
Topic A: Organizing creative teams
Topic B: Conducting team sessions
Topic C: Promoting and using creativity




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