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Class length: 1 day

This course teaches students the basics of cross-cultural business communication. Students learn
about how cultural differences affect speech, nonverbal and written communication. Students
learn how to identify cross-cultural barriers, work with interpreters and translators, organize and
participate in cross-cultural meetings, and handle negotiations and problem solving in crosscultural
meetings. Students also learn about building relationships as well as teams across

Class outline:
Unit 1: Workplace culture
Topic A: Basics of culture
Topic B: Cultural differences
Unit 2: Differences in communication
Topic A: Verbal communication
Topic B: Nonverbal and written communication
Unit 3: Communicating across cultures
Topic A: Building relationships
Topic B: Listening and responding
Unit 4: Overcoming communication barriers
Topic A: Cross-cultural communication barriers
Topic B: Avoiding barriers
Topic C: Interpreters
Unit 5: Cross-cultural business situations
Topic A: Cross-cultural meetings
Topic B: Negotiating and problem solving
Unit 6: Addressing cross-cultural issues
Topic A: Communicating with co-workers
Topic B: Writing cross-culturally





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