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Class length: 1 day

This course teaches students about organizational leadership and its role in guiding the
organization toward vision fulfillment. Students will learn how to define an organization's vision,
draft a vision statement and communicate it, set goals that are aligned with an organization's
vision, and discuss the importance of planning changes before implementing them. Course
activities also cover providing employees for organizational changes, motivating employees
through change, solving problems encountered during change, and helping employees deal with
grief and stress during changes. Students will also learn how leaders can help employees learn
their roles in organizations, align their goals with those of the organization, and help prevent
employee apathy.

Course Outline:
Unit 1: Developing a risk management plan
Topic A: Evolution of risk management
Topic B: Risk management environment
Topic C: Plan development and implementation
Unit 2: Risk identification and control
Topic A: Risk identification
Topic B: Risk evaluation and control
Unit 3: Risk classifications
Topic A: Risk exposures
Topic B: Risk categorization
Unit 4: Risk financing methods
Topic A: Overview of risk financing
Topic B: Risk transfer
Topic C: Risk retention
Unit 5: Risk management
Topic A: Contract management
Topic B: Business contingency planning





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